Anmol - Empowering the farmers of India

Established in 2000, Anmol Feeds Pvt Ltd has since been on a mission to provide better solutions to battle India’s protein crisis. The first plant was established in Muzaffarpur, Bihar under the group name Herbal Industries.  

Since then, Anmol have directly aimed at empowering the farmers by providing them with high-quality, nutritious feeds for livestock and increasing profits through greater yield.  

Back in 2004, Anmol expanded and established their first Corporate Office in Kolkata, India. It was a commendable initiative, realising the production gap and nutrition crisis faced by the livestock farmers especially in the eastern regions of India. Also, they built the first poultry feed factory in Lucknow for producing superior quality nutrition supplements, supporting poultry owners with enhanced production. Improving livestock farming with new-age products 

Being mindful of the growing demands in livestock farming, we introduced superior quality products, re-invented with innovative technology. 

NutriChoice - A premium poultry feed was launched in 2017 and since then it has become a benchmark for poultry feeds rich in nourishment. Additionally, the company also established a high-end fish feed unit, MatsyaBandhu at Panchla, West Bengal. This production unit incorporated modern technologies and followed stringent quality checks, ensuring top-quality feed. 

Birth of Nouriture- An Innovative Prowess 

To mitigate the increasing demands, Anmol introduced Nouriture, a perfect amalgamation of high-end technology and enhanced nutritional quality. While keeping true to the spirit of NayiSoch-

  • Launched a poultry feed plant in Jammu, intending to provide high-quality broiler feed in the market.
  • Launched Latis Gold 38 % Protein which is a special feed with high protein content to face the modern-day challenges of Shrimp culture. This feed made with the most advanced US technology ensures higher growth and maximum profit.

Creating a world full of opportunities

Since the inception of Nouriture, well-being and success of livestock farmers have been the company’s utmost priority. This is why we integrated cutting-edge technology to meet the needs of modern-day livestock farmers, making us a contemporary brand providing better, nutritionally rich, value for money products. With a focus on the future, the vision is to develop a mutually beneficial environment. Every step taken focuses on providing solutions and techniques which are consumer-centric and innovative while reflecting and staying true to our ‘NayiSoch’.